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The Stringing Machines

Stringing over 4000 racquets a year, I T Sports invested in three Wilson Baiardo stringing machines – the world's most technologically advanced racquet stringing machine and became authorised Wilson service centres in 2010.

The Baiardo was launched at the US Open in 2008 and was used at the Australian Open and Swiss Open Badminton tournaments in 2010.

Our customers include world players such as Ali Walker, Thierry Lincou, James Willstrop and Jenny Duncalf.

We pride ourselves that our machines are cleaned daily and serviced very regularly, to ensure that they continuously perform as new.

Racquet Restringing in York and Leeds

Take advantage of our one-hour turnaround racquet service!

- Telephone the shop you wish to take your racquet to.
- Discuss what time you would like to drop your racquet off.
- We will reserve one of the machines for you at the time specified.
- Drop off your racquet at the time agreed and discuss your requirements, strings, tension, new grip etc.
- Collect your racquet one hour later.

We provide free parking and easy access outside both shops in York and Leeds.

Click here for our contact details and shop locations.

The Strings

We offer a huge selection of strings to optimise your game and have the knowledge to advise you on the string that is right for you, whether that be a combination of playability and durability, an excellent all-around performance string, or one comparable to natural gut. Our stock includes the strings used by the top players – Federer's Wilson's Champion's Choice, Nadal's Babolat's RPM Blast to name just a few. We offer expert advice and guidance regarding your personal string and string tension. We stock a huge range of strings including Luxilon, Babolat, Wilson, Yonex, Gosen and Tecnifibre. Whether you are a stringbreaker, play with topspin or slice, we can advise you on the string you need for your game. We give you information on power and control, maximising the potential from your racquet and you.

The Racquet Restringing Service

An information strip will be fitted to every racquet after it has been restrung, detailing the string, tension, date and stringer for your records. This can then be utilised each time your racquet is restrung and amended accordingly.

For your information, a very general rule for the length of time you should leave a racquet before restringing – the number of times in a week you play, is the number of times in a year, your racquet should be restrung.

All our pro frames are available for custom stringing.  Please contact us for more information on this service.

We offer a huge grip selection including replacement grips and overgrips from Karakal, Wilson, Head and Babolat. So whether you need more tackiness or more comfort, we will have the grip that will be perfect for you. We can help protect your frame too, new bump guards, replacement cap ends and grip sleeves can be fitted whenever necessary.

We also offer a measurement service for junior tennis players, always ensuring the appropriate size of racquet for their needs is provided. This is important to build confidence as well as range of movement. Our extensive range of junior racquets from aluminium to graphite frames enables every child to have the best start into the game.

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